How can I have a circle marker or one of a selection of icons depending on a feature's properties using LeafletAjax?


function pointToLayer(feature, latlng){

var features = new L.GeoJSON.AJAX("/features.json?circuit=555",{
    pointToLayer: pointToLayer,


    style: function (feature) {
      return feature.properties && feature.properties.style;

I've started to try to build this, but Point to layer is only called once. The console log shows just the first feature's shape.

I have also tried to add the code to the onEachFeature function:

function onEachFeature(feature,layer){
    if (feature.properties.shape == 'point'){
    feature.marker =  L.circleMarker(latlng, {
      weight: 1,
      opacity: 1,
      fillOpacity: 0.8
  }else if(feature.properties.shape == 'tree'){
    feature.marker =  L.marker(latlng, {icon: treeIcon});

  if (feature.properties){

Which doesn't work - I have made up the "feature.marker =" bit.

How do I set the marker?

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    In pointToLayer, what happens if you insert return L.marker(latlng); into the function? What is the result? – Stefan Oct 29 '18 at 23:34
  • I get a marker for each Point in the geojson. Which led to other discoveries, and boom I got it working. Turns out, the bug was elsewhere. Not in the PointToLayer bit. Thanks for the nudge @Stefan_Fairphone – Will Oct 30 '18 at 18:13
  • Could you post a working example as an answer to your question? This will help others that have the same or a similar problem. – Stefan Oct 31 '18 at 11:43

To do this, I declare the icons and then just choose it based on a feature's properties.

function pointToLayer(feature, latlng){
    if (feature.properties.shape == 'point'){
        return L.marker(latlng, {icon: markerIcon});
    }else if(feature.properties.shape == 'tree'){
        return L.marker(latlng, {icon: treeIcon});
    }else if(feature.properties.shape == 'hazard'){
        return L.marker(latlng, {icon: hazardIcon});
    }else if(feature.properties.shape == 'log_pile'){
        return L.marker(latlng, {icon: logPileIcon});
        return L.marker(latlng, {icon: labelIcon});

To simplify @Will's answer using a switch-case statement:

function pointToLayer(feature, latlng){
    var icon
    switch (feature.properties.shape) {
        case 'point':   icon = markerIcon; break;
        case 'tree':    icon = treeIcon; break;
        case 'hazard':  icon = hazardIcon; break;
        case 'log_pile':icon = logPileIcon; break;
        default:        icon = labelIcon;
    return L.marker(latlng, {icon: icon})

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