I am working with the OSM Dataset and can´t find a way to display rails in a proper way. In a big scale the rails are displaying fine but as soon the lines begin to overlap in a smaller scale I don´t like the outcome. I already filtered the lines to only have the main tracks. But especially in train stations where more rails are running next to each other I get too many overlapping lines.

rails in small scale rails in big scale

Is there a way to display multiple lines as one line without changing the geometry?

I am using the QGIS version 3.4.0.


I am not sure whether you have render level field in the attribute table or not. The render level field shows value ranges from 1 and above. The value of 1 means the main railway and from 2 and above it shows other railway lines. If you have Render level field, then you can use Rule-based symbology to show the railway of the value of 1 always, and other than the value of 1 to be shown at certain scale as shown below:

  • "RenderLVL" = 1 Min. Scale empty and Max. Scale empty
  • "RenderLVL" > 1 Min. Scale 1:20000 and 1:1

    enter image description here

The output will be like this:

A scale value > 20000 it shows as simplified line based on "RenderLVL" = 1

enter image description here

A scale value <= 20000 it shows other railway line based on "RenderLVL" > 1

enter image description here

If you don't have Render Level in the attribute table, then it is better to create one so that you can control which line to render at which scale.

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