I have created a RGB composite in SAGA GIS using the RGB composite tool. A one band raster is created, which can be visualised in SAGA using the option RGB coded values. When I try to import this raster in QGIS, the image is loaded in grayscale, because the RGB values are stored as a single number, for example "6512354". In SAGA this numbers are recognized, but not in QGIS. Is there any way I can visualise the RGB coded values in QGIS?


When you have RGB(A) composite in SAGA, please remember you are dealing with an image, not a single-band raster.

There is no mention in your post but I think you have exported the file by either Export GeoTIFF or Export Raster command. These commands export a single-band raster, and your composite (multi-band) data will be deteriorated in the process.

Export your composite as an image by Export Image (bmp, jpg, pcx, png, tif) tool.

  1. From Tool panel, go to Import / Export | Images | Export Image (bmp, jpg, pcx, png, tif)
  2. >> Grid: your Composite
  3. Image File: your output filename
  4. Coloring : rgb coded values
  5. Execute the tool. It will output RGB Tiff image, tfw, and prj files.

Now you should be able to open the Tiff file in QGIS.

  • Thanks for you answer. Yes, I was using the Export GeoTIFF tool. Regarding the procedure you explain, it works, but the drawback is that the output is an image and I want to apply some enhancement to the raster in QGIS. Anyway you answered the question, so I will mark it as solved.
    – Ernesto561
    Nov 5 '18 at 13:41

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