We installed Nominatim and used it for searching POIs in a local server. I've explored the address format in Nominatim which is in the following order:

  • road
  • neighborhood
  • suburb
  • city
  • boundary
  • county
  • province
  • country

In this order, I can find sample address like "تهران، حکیمیه، بلوار بهار" and "تهران، حکیمیه، نشوه" but when I want to search street called "نشوه" which is connected to street "بلوار بهار" like this "تهران، حکیمیه، بلوار بهار، نشوه" Nominatim can't find the street and returns no result.

enter image description here

I've used 'addr:street' key for the second street and set the name of the first street as its value. But no success obtained.

<way id="4907958" version="1" timestamp="2018-10-09T11:48:38Z" changeset="0">
        <nd ref="5968973949"/>
        <nd ref="5968973950"/>
        <tag k="highway" v="living_street"/>
        <tag k="maxspeed" v="20"/>
        <tag k="name" v="نشوه"/>
        <tag k="addr:street" v="بلوار بهار"/>

Also, I used AssociatedStreet to create a new relation between two streets.

<relation id="-659328632">
      <tag k="type" v="associatedStreet" /> 
      <member type="way" ref="4907958" role="street" />
      <member type="way" ref="136605953" role="street" />

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