I need to conduct a visibility analysis that will calculate depths below the viewer's horizon.


QGIS 3.4 > Processing Toolbox > Visibility Analysis > Depth Below Horizon.

Input Data:


  • 32-bit floating point, single-band tif
  • approximately 27,000 X 17,000 cells

Observer Locations:

  • Point shapefile with 64 records
  • Geometry checks ok

Both the input DEM and shapefile are in the same CRS.

Here's a screenshot of the input:

enter image description here


Running the tool results in the following error:

enter image description here

What does the error mean?

  • Please always provide errors as text rather than pictures. – PolyGeo Nov 3 '18 at 1:54

You need to run the Create viewpoints tool first. Then it should be possible to compute depth below horizon. (The tool expects certain columns in the input dataset.)

There is a tutorial and test data in the plugin repo.

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