I have linestring geometries with z values and I want to display them in a nice elevation profile (with x/z scaling functions, several profiles to overlay, and so on).

Is there any QGIS function or plugin for it?

I've seen tools for digitizing elevation profiles from DEM's, e.g. Profile tool. These tools have such a height profile display, but they seem to require the height digitization I don't need.

I could go to Excel, yes. But I'd like to stay inside QGIS in order to avoid another interface.


I found DataPlotly, which seems to be a powerful tool that plots basically every information that is inside layer geometries and / or attributes. The x/y plot option can be used to get an elevation profile. However, DataPlotly needs point geometries with z/m value pairs then.

So one needs to assign m-values based on distance to the line feature (e.g. using some LRS tools), then convert line vertices to points.

The result is fancy, but the way to achieve it is laborious. I consider now writing an own tool: Click on the line feature => process line to points with z/m => show the plot.

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