I have a layer which I have set the primary symbology to 'Unique Values'. I have then used an expression which combines the values from two fields:

$feature.code + ' ' + $feature.name

The code and name fields are unique and I get the same number of items as simply classifying by just the code field or just the name field. However, when I don't use an expression only the visible items show in the legend. When I use the above expression, all of the items show in the legend, even those that aren't visible. How can I fix this?

In truth, I am only doing this so that the legend shows both the code and the name fields - so I would accept a solution that involves changing the label field (but not one by one - their are hundreds of items!)


From the "Feature Display Options", there is a setting Only show features visible in the map extent. This will limit the legend to only visible items.


  • I have that ticked, but it only works for me when the unique value is a field chosen by the dropdown and not an expression. – George of all trades Nov 2 '18 at 16:14

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