Long time qgis mac user. I find with qgis 3.4, it will not change fonts within the Layout text box, nor will it show ESRI North arrows when I choose that font in a text box.
When I deleted 3.4 and reloaded 3.2 Bonn all the fonts are working as before. Has this been noted and been fixed? I cant use 3.4 at this point.

QGIS 3 is a vast improvement over 2.18. Congratulations to the development team.


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I just ran into the same problem. This bug report Font will not resize in QGIS Print Layout discusses the issue.

This answer from Jonas Küpper worked for me

"The problem is basically that changes you make to fonts using "Text Format" dialog are not applied. Only when you use the dropdown menu, you can change font styles."

If you click on the word 'Font' under Appearance it brings up the Text Format dialog. Those changes do not work.

If you click on the down arrow to the right of the box with 'Font' you get a different drop down, and changes in that set (including loading the Text Format dialogue from there) are applied.

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