A new version of pgAdmin 4 is released almost every month. I wonder what is the correct way to upgrade a newer version of it?

Is it necessary to uninstall the older version first and install the new one latter? Or the installer from the newest version will overwrite the old ones without fragmenting files in the system?

I could not find the answer in pgadmin.org website or other places as well.

I believe this is on-topic as discussed in GIS Meta: Are software installation questions on topic? Besides providing great support for PostgreSQL, pgAdmin 4 now even has a geometry viewer (see here).

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In Windows, I have been using and upgrading pgAdmin 4 since version 3.1. Now, have just upgraded to 4.4.3 version.

What I do is just download the installer (see here) and run it. It will overwrite previous version. The server connection setups I had in previous versions are all kept when starting the new version as well.

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    If you get errors after installation, delete the folders under %appdata%\pgAdmin, you'll lost the stored connection though. But with new versions old files in that directory may cause errors. – Andreas Müller Nov 5 '18 at 15:24

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