I am new to GIS programming and I have started a little project.

I have a lot of gpx tracks, and I want to check which villages i have visited.

Is there an API to check OpenStreetMap for village boundaries?

I would like to get those village boundaries as polygons, because it is easy to check if a track goes through polygons using Python.


Tell us first how you want to determine each village boundary polygon from OSM data:

By name, by OSM object ID number, by a center coordinate?

Try https://wambachers-osm.website/boundaries/ first to get an overview about available boundary polygons inside the OSM database, try the tree menu on the left there, or the search box on upper right corner.

  • I downloaded a dataset in geojson: admin_level 8 is the boundaries i want to check againsts. I think this data is exactly what i need. With shape from the python lib shapely.geometry i can check with shape.intersects if 2 polygons intersect. – kaklakariata Nov 15 '18 at 8:15

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