A Region has a latitude, longitude (GEOMETRY('POINT')) and a radius.

Using postgis, how can I query all Regions where the distance from pointParam and region.point is less than or equal to region.radius?

FROM region
ORDER BY region.origin <-> my_location
WHERE (region.origin <-> my_location) <= region.radius // <--- This is where I don't know what to put

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Here's the (pseudo) query that worked for me:

FROM regions
WHERE ST_DWithin("origin", ST_MakePoint(lat, long), max, false) = true AND ST_Distance("origin", ST_MakePoint(lat, long), false) - radius <= 0 
ORDER BY distance ASC 

I figured out how to do the actual distance query; use the built in gis distance function and just subtracted radius from the distance. If that value is less than or equal to 0, then it should not be returned.

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