I am setting a template for multiple maps in QGIS 3 Layout and i was wondering if there is a way of automatically adjusting the grid's interval as a function of the scale of the map?

I did a bit of research here:

but they seem not to answer my question.

I want to make sure that no matter the scale of my map, this template adjusts the grid. Currently, one grid may work well for a determined scale

enter image description here

But the grid may get quite dense if i zoom out (see numbers in the top as well)

enter image description here

Or useless if i zoom in

enter image description here

I want to define the intervals in a way that they are automatically updated as a function of the scale of the map.

How do I do this?

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Try setting your 'Interval' to 'Fit Segment Width' in map grid properties. This will keep your grid to a defined spacing, and accommodate different scales.


With Qgis 3.X it's possible. Edit the value and use the @map_scale property.

enter image description here

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