I have 2 function, 1 to add markers and 1 to remove markers.

What I am doing to add markers

$scope.getMapData = function (msg, passedIndex) {

msg = L.layerGroup();
for (var i= 0; i < $scope.apiResult.length; i++) {
if ($scope.apiResult[i].Type == "Point"){
L.marker([$scope.Lat[i], $scope.Lng[i]], {icon: greenIcon}).bindPopup($scope.apiResult[i].DESCRIPTION).addTo(msg);

Remove marker:

        $scope.removeMarker = function (msg, passedIndex) {
          absolute_index = passedIndex + ($scope.currentPage) * $scope.pageSize;

              $scope.community[absolute_index].visibility = false;
              // cities.removeLayer(a);
            } else {
               $scope.community[absolute_index].visibility = true;

When I console log map.hasLayer in my "add marker" function, it returns me the value, but when I console log that in my remove marker function, i am not returned anything.

PS: My "msg" all has a unique name like "express_speed". I tried using removeLayer on msg but it doesn't work.

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