Using QGIS 2.18. I have 346 polygons on a layer and I want to display all but one.

In this instance I wish to run a query using field ONSCode but show all except 17UB.

I have been trying to use NOT but in the wrong context and get errors.

enter image description here

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How about "ONScode" != '17UB'

!= means "not equal to".


Easy way: Select '17UB' manually, then invert the selected features.

By code: "ONScode" NOT LIKE '17UB'

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    LIKE also does wildcard matching which makes the operator slightly slower (and behave slightly differently) than = and !=. For for the string 'ABC 123' the patterns 'ABC 123', 'A%', '%3' and '%C 1%' all match. The pattern '10%' matches the string '10%' but also the string '100%'. The character _ matches any single character. In QGIS 3 and later you can match a literal % or _ with \\\\% and \\\\_. Interestingly, in QGIS wildcards are implemented as regexes under the hood; this means using regexp_match should actually be slightly cheaper than simple wildcards! Commented Nov 7, 2018 at 21:52

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