I'm trying to zoom to a layer that was loaded with a script, just like manually would be done by right clicking the layer and pressing the "Zoom to Layer" button.

I've tried several ways and the closest I got was using canvas but it wouldn't zoom in but instead it would open a secondary screen with the layer extended.


In iface (PyQGIS 3) there are 12 methods that involve "Zoom":

zoomFull, zoomToActiveLayer, zoomToNext, zoomToPrevious, actionZoomActualSize, actionZoomFullExtent, actionZoomIn, actionZoomLast, actionZoomNext, actionZoomOut, actionZoomToLayer, actionZoomToSelected

and in QgsMapCanvas other 13 additional methods:

zoomByFactor, zoomIn, zoomLastStatusChanged, zoomNextStatusChanged, zoomOut, zoomScale, zoomToFeatureExtent, zoomToFeatureIds, zoomToFullExtent, zoomToNextExtent, zoomToPreviousExtent, zoomToSelected, zoomWithCenter

When I use, e.g. 'zoomToActiveLayer' iface method at Python Console, for polygon1 as Active Layer (see following image):


enter image description here

I got result of following image.

enter image description here

You can try out whatever of above methods (use 'help' for command syntax if it is necessary).

  • Thank you, your answer is correct, and I kinda got it to work at least setting the layer to active. For some reason it is not throwing any errors but I had to call iface.zoomToActiveLayer() in console since it appears to ignore that line from my code. Any ideas why is it doing so? – Thriskel Nov 8 '18 at 20:50

This is what i do in a plugin to view a newly added layer.

layer = QgsVectorLayer(path, layerName, 'ogr')
ex    = layer.extent()

# Add a small space/border on each side of the layer
hborder = ex.height() / 100
wborder = ex.width() / 100
ex.set(ex.xMinimum() - wborder, 
       ex.yMinimum() - hborder, 
       ex.xMaximum() + wborder, 
       ex.yMaximum() + hborder

# Find out if we need to transform coordinates
proj = QgsProject.instance()
if layer.crs().authid() != proj.crs().authid():
    print("Layer has not the same CRS as proj", 
    tr = QgsCoordinateTransform(layer.crs(), proj.crs(), proj)
    ex = tr.transform(ex)


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