I'm creating a Qgis model with Processing modeler. I can't find how to update the $geometry field from a WKT field. If I complete the step by step process, I used the field calculator with the formula geom_from_wkt("WKT_path"), but it doesn't work within the processing modeler.

Is my approach correct?


You can't update feature geometry from the Field Calculator. Instead use the Geometry by expression tool (find it in the Processing Toolbox).

"This algorithm updates existing geometries (or creates new geometries) for input features by use of a QGIS expression. This allows complex geometry modifications which can utilize all the flexibility of the QGIS expression engine to manipulate and create geometries for output features." - excerpt from the tool description in QGIS

Your expression, geom_from_wkt("WKT_path"), should work in this tool, as long as the layer has a field called "WKT_path" with the new geometries in WKT format.

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