I'm developing web portal for a farmer to monitor their farm. So far I have model to train the data taken from DJI drone. I wanted to make my web portal more visualized, and I have stitched the images into orthomosaic map using pix4d. Now I wanna overlay the .tif file on leaflet map, but how do I calculate the boundary from .tif file, how to extract info from .tif file?

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  • Take a look of some examples Argentina, USA, Chile, Russia. Is it what you want? – Dmitry Baryshnikov Nov 9 at 10:06
  • Hi @DmitryBaryshnikov, something like Argentina – Mutant Neko Nov 16 at 3:54
  • @MutantNeko As you can see this is out-of-the-box working web GIS with images. For an image you can get information (for example: gismatix.nextgis.com/resource/5 - metadata not filled by creator here). Also there are REST API to get for example BBOX: gismatix.nextgis.com/api/resource/5/extent. REST API docs are here: docs.nextgis.com/docs_ngweb_dev/doc/developer/toc.html. So you can leave your own Leaflet based map and use NextGIS Web as backend for raster uploading/TMS/WMS/etc. or also use NextGIS Web map client (examples of web client I provided in previous message). – Dmitry Baryshnikov Nov 16 at 7:38

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