I would like to compare satellite pictures (raster) infra - red.

I have 2 rasters from the same area. I would like the compare pixels with the same xy coordinate using PyQGIS.

10 different values between the same= O and totaly different = 10. 10 different red colors.

So I can compare leaf green the state of the vegetation.

How do I start and which why to go?

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If you want compare values in 2 raster files, I recommend to use raster calculator in QGIS.

  1. Load 2 rasters to QGIS
  2. Raster -> Raster calculator
  3. write "B4@1" - "B5@1" in Raster calculator expression area.
  4. give any name for output layer
  5. pressOK

raster calculator The above steps gives you a raster that values are differences of 2 rasters. To obtain values of that raster at coordinates of points layer,

  1. Open attribute table of points layer
  2. Toggle to editing mode (Ctrl + E)
  3. Open field calculator (Ctrl + I)
  4. Write expression raster_value('out',1,make_point($x, $y)). out should be replace your created raster name.
  5. pressOK field calculator

You will get new laster layers values at each point in attribute table.

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