I am working on a manuscript using the gridded soil type data product obtained from worldgrids.org and need to cite the data source. However the domain has expired. Does anyone have any idea what happened, or if the datasets formerly on worldgrids.org are hosted elsewhere?

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From the Wayback Machine:

ISRIC WorldGrids

The domain worldgrids.org will be discontinued.

A set of GIS layers of biophysical properties available at:

username: gsp
password: gspisric

for each territory in the world.

If you can't find what you are looking for, the following links might be useful http://data.isric.org or www.isric.org.

Update 2019-02-01:

Currently working links:


The FTP systems access have been discontinued and please only use the Webdavs

Please notice that all links are only HTTPS

Webdav can be used as network drive on windows or generic mount linux

In case of problems please contact ISRIC IT it.isric [at] wur.nl

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