I have 2 raster images of different spatial resolution and projection.

I want to resample multiple coarser images (0.25 degrees) to finer resolution(4 km) based on one finer resolution image which is of 4 km. Both are in different folders. I am not getting how to do that.

I had written the code in R but I am getting an error.

>setwd("D:/mtech project/data/DEC 16/RH/1-DEC-16/extracted/")
>inFiles1 <- list.files(pattern="*.tif")
> nFiles1 <-  length(inFiles1)
> setwd("D:/mtech project/data/extracted/")
> inFiles2 <- raster("3DIMG_01DEC2016_0000_L2C_FOG_FOG.tif")
> for (i in 1:nFiles1) {
+     r1<-raster(inFiles1[[i]])    
+     r2<-inFiles2    
+     rs<-resample(r1,r2,method="bilinear")
+     write.Raster(rs, paste0('D:/mtech project/data/DEC 16/RH/RESAMPLED/rs_',i,'.img'), overwrite=T)
+   }

Error in .local(.Object, ...) : 

Error in .rasterObjectFromFile(x, band = band, objecttype = "RasterLayer",  :   Cannot create a RasterLayer object from this file. (file does not exist)


  • Does your file exist? Perhaps it needs to be "D://mtech/..." ? – Richard Law Nov 24 '18 at 3:37

You changed your working directory, after creating the list of inputfiles inFiles1. As a result, the relative path to the files is not valid anymore.

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