I'm developing software for a client who uses Civil3D for earthwork and quantity volume calculation. The same client also want to do drainage and sewerage analysis, however, the Autodesk provided package such as Sewerage Sanitary Analysis module cannot really suit the needs due to some local constraints.

I already have my own drainage and sewerage network analysis and design replacement module that is customized to suit the local needs, now I just need to modify the program so that it can provide two way data linkage with Civil3D.

I wonder whether the Civil3D provides proper interface/API, so that one can easily write a plugin does the drainage and sewerage analysis, and that can inter-operate two ways with Civil3D?

If Civil3D support external plugins as well as its own Sewerage Sanitary Analysis module, that would be ideal!

  • It would be nice, but I do not think it is in their interest. I think you are looked to import and output formats. Among them, they only one I guess could help you is LandXML, at least you have same documentation and a standard to stick on, and also a way to move away from civil3d or expand your market to any other provider like Tekla or Bently. See landxml.org. – Marco Nov 12 '18 at 9:54

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