I am generating png images of concentration maps, resulting from air quality modelling. Resulting files are croped and coverted to tiff files and than loaded into QGIS in Python:

rlayer = QgsRasterLayer(data_folder+parametr+'.tif',opis_txt)

Then I load a pre-defiend QgsPrintoutLayout and export the results to a pdf file. Everything works fine, however by default raster is interpolated using Nearest Neighborhood which creates pixelized results.

In QGIS interface I can switch the resampling method for each layer to cubic or bilnear and this solves my problem, however I would like to do it automatically. So my question is can I do the same in Python script?


Thank you Joseph. Your comment solves my problem.

rlayer = QgsRasterLayer(data_folder+parametr+'.tif',opis_txt)
resampleFilter = rlayer.resampleFilter()

I was unable to find QgsCubicRasterResampler in the API doc, because I was searching for a clas name wich contains QgsRasterResampler

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