I have a shapefile with various attributes. I want to plot the shapefile using `spplot'.

I first read the shapefile

A <- readOGR('myshapefile.shp') 

I am using the following command:

p <- spplot(A, c('lulc', 'lulc_2', 'lulc_3', 
                 'lulc_4', 'lulc_5', 'lulc_6', 'lulc_7'), 
            names.attr = c(1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2014, 2017))

Surprisingly, the map order is from bottom to top and left to right in 3 rows.

I want them to appear from top to bottom and left to right order i.e. 1998 should appear first and 2017 should appear last.

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Add as.table=TRUE:

‘as.table’ logical; start drawing panels upper-left instead of lower-left

See also ?xyplot

‘as.table’: A logical flag that controls the order in which panels should be displayed: if ‘FALSE’ (the default), panels are drawn left to right, bottom to top (as in a graph); if ‘TRUE’, left to right, top to bottom (as in a table).

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