I am using google earth engine just to print the timestamp here of LANDSAT Image. I am using the geometry of a part of Chennai which is in India.

// Filtering Data with Date and Geometry
var Data2 = LANDSAT.filterBounds(geometry).filterDate('2013-04-09', '2014-04-10');
// Printing Timestamp
print('LANDSAT Metadata', Data2.first().date());
Map.centerObject(geometry, 8);
Map.addLayer(geometry,{color: 'FF0000'},"Chennai");

My question what exactly the printed time does indicate (with respect to UTC (GMT) or Local Time Zone (IST) ).

just in case if you need the import


var LANDSAT = ee.ImageCollection("LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_TOA"),
geometry = /* color: #d63000 */ee.Geometry.Polygon(
    [[[80.26491619216495, 13.08801893465061],
      [80.26422954665713, 13.077652181027775],
      [80.28002239333682, 13.08166516962143]]]);

I am using google earth engine only to print the timestamp here of LANDSAT Image and not anyway related to my question.


According to the Landsat documentation, "Landsat data acquisition times are expressed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) standard."

  • Thanks for the answer. Do you know about timezone of the 3 Hourly TRMM Data Timestamp too? – Prasad Thota Nov 13 '18 at 14:45
  • I believe those are also in GMT. – lambertj Nov 13 '18 at 14:55
  • Can I have a source so that I can include it in my presentation? – Prasad Thota Nov 13 '18 at 14:58
  • 1
    @PrasadThota have you tried looking for a source on your own? Before posting a question here it is expected that you tried to find an answer yourself. – Kersten Nov 13 '18 at 20:07
  • @Kersten Yes, I have searched in TRMM Data Users Handbook. But I couldn't find it. – Prasad Thota Nov 14 '18 at 3:21

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