I am attempting to write a software to import OS MasterMaps into our product and am having difficulty getting the area styles to import correctly.

How do I get the fill color for a combination of osgb:descriptiveGroup + osgb:descriptiveTerm + osgb:make?

When I look at the public domain style files Ordnance Survey provides (e.g. topographicarea-outdoor.sld) I do not find these three descriptions.

How would I determine what fill color to use for a combination of these three values? The .sld files make no reference to osgb:descriptiveGroup, osgb:descriptiveTerm, or osgb:make. All I see is a tag with a description of the Feature Type and its color.

For Example, the OS MasterMap (a GML format) has an entry with this information

 <osgb:descriptiveGroup>Tidal Water</osgb:descriptiveGroup>

My quandary is how to find out what color to fill the area by querying a Styled Layer Descriptors (SLD) file.

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To speed things up there is an SQL script you must apply to the OS MasterMap data that calculates a style_code that is then used in the SLD to style the features.

If you want to work directly from the GML (though I wouldn't advise that) you will need to reverse engineer the scripts which are really just two long cases statements.

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