I have a ArcInfo Grid ASCII file of Turkey with cellsize 0.000833333333 (3 arc second ~90m for equator and ~83m for Turkey, I've learned so far), Can I just simply change the header value to 83m or is there any proper way to change cell size to an integer number. How can I do that?

ncols 24001
nrows 12001
xllcorner 24.999583987092
yllcorner 34.999583575447
cellsize 0.000833333333
NODATA_value -9999


NO, you can't just edit that file! If you change the cell size then you are changing the size of the imagery which will cause all of the cells in the image to move.

If you need (for some reason) to have your grid in metres then you need to reproject it using a GIS tool.

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