I have a SpatialPolygonDataframe (loaded with readOGR) I want to plot in either tmap or leaflet. A lot of the polygons are overlapping, and the smaller polygons are completely covered by larger polygons. Is there a way of rearranging poltorder based on polygonsize?

Sorry for not making a reproducible example…

  • Would giving the polygons a transparent fill be enough? If not, my guess is you will have to split your object into several layers. – jsta Nov 23 '18 at 13:51

You can set the plotting order of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame by assigning to the plotOrder slot.

You can use area to get the area of each row of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame.

You can use order to get a vector that orders its argument.

You can negate such an argument to sort in the right direction.

Hence for some SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with 3 features ps:

> ps@plotOrder = order(-area(ps))
> plot(ps, col=c(1,2,3)) # colour the three features in the first three colours

will plot the smallest last so they show over larger ones.

That's fine for base graphics - I don't know if leaflet and tmap will respect this. In which case if they are using the order in the data frame, reorder the data frame by decreasing area:

ps = ps[order(-area(ps)),]
  • Passing leaflet a data.frame ordered by descending area works! – Rich Pauloo Aug 17 at 1:00

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