I am currently trying to use OSRM's Table service to get the durations of the fastest routes between two points, to be able to build a time matrix using Python and later use it as a parameter in an optimization problem.

My problem is that whenever I run my own server through my jupyter notebook (using five different locations) the 'durations' array returns empty, like in the following example:

str_locations = '-30.59464,-71.19366;-30.60386,-71.21342;-30.58654,-71.18429;-30.60298,-71.20075;-30.58603,-71.19196'


[0, 0, 0, 0, 0]

I've already checked that those points exist and are connected using the two first points in map.project-osrm.org (here's the link). Plus, whenever I replace the local server with the online demo (http://router.project-osrm.org/) the array is not empty, but that doesn't work with more than 100 coordinates and I need at least 250.

I think it could have something to do with the algorithm that I am using, MLD rather than CH?

  • Can you share the exact query to the live server that works? – alphabetasoup Nov 25 '18 at 8:31
  • This is the query that works but returns an empty array 'http://localhost:5000/table/v1/driving/-30.59464,-71.19366;-30.60386,-71.21342;-30.58654,-71.18429;-30.60298,-71.20075;-30.58603,-71.19196?sources=0'. And when I put it on the demo server like this: link It says that there is no route between them. Those points all are situated in the same town and when I use the example query the same thing happens. – monacroma Nov 25 '18 at 14:43

Your latitude and longitude are in the incorrect order.

For example, this query works:


But it returns a bad response when the coordinate order is swapped.

Additionally, here's a different way to declare and use your lat/lon tuples in your code. Doing it with an array of a lat/long tuples makes it so that these kinds of errors are easier to fix, and your code is more generic.

host = 'http://localhost:5000/'
path = 'table/v1/driving/'
waypoints = [(-30.59464,-71.19366),(-30.60386,-71.21342),(-30.58654,-71.18429),(-30.60298,-71.20075),(-30.58603,-71.19196)]
waypoints = ';'.join(map(lambda pt: '{},{}'.format(*reversed(pt)), waypoints))
r = requests.get('{}{}{}?sources=0'.format(host, path, waypoints))

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