I saw Images not draping onto DEM in ArcScene? but it is different from my issue. I have an image with projection:


I have a DEM and set the base height to itself and I am getting a good DEM representation of the terrain. I added the image and set the base height to the DEM and it doesn't drape on top of DEM, it appears to be below DEM surface.


It sometimes happened to me as well with ArcScene, you simply have to set a vertical offset to your draped image. After having set the base height (the DEM layer) for your image, right click the image layer and set a constant offset to it.

  • Thanks, I set a vertical offset of 1.03 and that worked. Both data sets are have units of US foot, I'm wondering why I had to set a vertical offset for them to line up if they are in same units? – Kim Nov 25 '18 at 17:04

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