I have calculated NDVIre3 from Sentinel 2A MS data in QGIS. As a pre-processing step, the Sentinel 2 bands (L1C product) were corrected using DOS1 algorithm available in QGIS 3.4.1 SCP plugin.

The NDVIre3 involves band 8 (NIR) and 7 (Red-edge 3) of Sentinel 2 MS sensor.

The Equation i.e. (B8-B7)/(B8+B7) was applied on scaled reflectance values derived from SCP Sentinel 2 Pre-processing module. The rasters were exported to ArcMap for visual appreciation.

However, the resultant raster contains much noise as seen below;

NDVIre3 raster

While, the NDVI raster calculated using equation (B8-B4)/(B8+B4) is realistic to ground realities.

NDVI raster

I am not sure what might be the cause of this problem? Looking for solution.

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