I need to create an buffer around a point which is 3.58km x 3.0km. i.e I need two sides of the buffer to be 3.58km long and the other two sides to be 3.0km --> making a rectangular shape. I am finding this task difficult as the buffer area is not an equal area. does anyone know how to do this?

I have tried to, however There are a few issues I face with this.

Firstly, my coordinate reference system is in degrees not meters. Would it be accurate if I was to convert the CRS from WGS84 to once which uses meters instead of degrees. then type in the specific dimensions I want --> save the shapefile and then convert it to WGS84.

Secondly The buffer tool does not have a viable option to input two data points. Would I need to save the data points (i.e 3.58km x 3.0km) In Excel and save it as a text file then upload it and enter that data set into the buffer tool?



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