I want to make a hovmoller diagram; I want to change the order of Y axis (to start with 2010 - on bottom and finish 1970 - to be on top:


              destfile = 'SST.nc') # here you can find the data (about 3,9 MO size)

SST <- brick('data.nc')
idx <- seq(as.Date('1970-01-01'), as.Date('2003-03-01'), by='month')
tt <- as.yearmon(idx)
SST <- setZ(SST, tt)
names(SST) <- as.character(tt)

          panel = panel.levelplot.raster,
          interpolate = TRUE,
          yscale.components = yscale.raster.subticks,
          par.settings = BuRdTheme)

So I need to have 1970 on top of the graph instead of 2010. Anyone can offer some help please?

  • you download the file as SST.nc but read in data.nc - edit?
    – Spacedman
    Commented Nov 27, 2018 at 12:29
  • It looks like if the Z values are numeric or "yearmon" then it will always plot sorted numerically that way. If you set the Z values to character then its plotted in the order of the layers, but in this case the X axis gets 399 overlapping unreadable labels...
    – Spacedman
    Commented Nov 27, 2018 at 12:55
  • @Spacedman - yes, I downloaded the wrong file (I copied the example from rasterVis help page). sorry for this Commented Nov 27, 2018 at 14:13

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Let's try this. First reverse the order of layers in SST into SSTR:

> SSTR = SST[[nlayers(SST):1]]

Then set the Z for SSTR as the reverse of SST, and convert to character so that hovmoller doesn't go and sort it back again for us:

> SSTR= setZ(SSTR, rev(as.character(getZ(SST))))

Next plot but only label the Y axis every two years, starting from the first January:

> hovmoller(SSTR, scales=list(y=list(at=seq(3, nlayers(SSTR),by=24))))

enter image description here

Please check carefully that this is all right before using it in anger. It looks different to hovmoller(SST) but there may be a bunch of other reasons for that! I have tried some tests on tiny raster stacks so I'm fairly confident...

  • Many thanks, great idea! Is working with my data so I am pretty sure that your suggestion is good. Commented Nov 27, 2018 at 14:15

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