I need the coordinates and data of the points marked on this embedded google maps page:

(The information is public)

link to webpage

screen capture

maybe there is a way to view the data in google earth, and extract a kmz file? or inspect the page with firefox/chrome inspection tool and find the data file? or some hack...

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    I believe exporting a KML from Google Earth is the most direct way of doing this. or setting up an API to do more or less the same thing with fewer clicks. – Marshall Nov 27 '18 at 16:12
  • @ Marshall but how do you find the link to the kml? I tried the inspect tool but can't find any – cohoridit Nov 27 '18 at 16:15

You can access the full google map by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon in the upper right corner of the map embedded on the page you shared. Here is the url.

In the google map, if you go to the top of the legend and click the three vertical dots, the menu will display the option "Download KML".


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