I have started to learn ArcMap.

I have two separate Excel files which are: Border coordinates, CSD coordinates.

For each Excel files, I have information for longtitude and latitude. My aim is to see both border coordinates and CSD coordinates on same map in ArcMap. To see clearly which points are border, I want to make different colour for border coordinates than CSD coordinates.

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ArcMap (and ArcGIS Pro) cannot read data in degrees-minutes-seconds (DMS), and therefore this data must be converted into decimal degrees (DD) before importing.

The steps below give instructions for formatting XY data, in decimal degrees, using Microsoft Excel, and converting these data to a shapefile or geodatabase feature class in ArcMap.

There are several table formats that ArcMap can read to bring point data into ArcMap as an event theme.

Click File > Add Data > Add XY Data.

Select the table that contains x,y coordinate data.

Identify the columns that hold the x- and y-coordinates (and, optionally, the z-coordinate).

Specify the coordinate system.

Adding x,y coordinate data as a layer can provide further assistance

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