I have crated an imagemosaic store in GeoServer with a default TIFF image named snow_20091001.tif it is working fine. I can see the layer from layer preview.

But the problem is, as it is a timeseries layer, I have added another image snow_20091101.tif manually to the store. This image is not showing when I am requesting with the time. But the previously added image is showing fine.

I have not configured PostGIS database as datastore.properties as I want to use shapefile index by default.

should I update the store to get the later on added image? If so then how can I do that?

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According to the guide:

curl -v -u admin:geoserver -XPOST -H "Content-type: text/plain" -d "file:///path/to/the/file/polyphemus_20130302.nc"

This might not work however per Updating existing GeoServer ImageMosaic with GeoTIFF using REST API

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