I am working on a public transport network in one shapefile (polyline type).

Certain bus routes share the same path, means that one line-part can repeat more than once.

For instance, if I select a feature with 'Identify Features' I will have three outcomes in the Identify results table, see an image below.


I want to select all the features that share the same geometry. Can you suggest the most beneficial way?

So far I have in mind:


Duplicate the layer.

In the processing toolbox use 'Join attributes by location (summary)'.

Use the original and the duplicate layers for the input and join layers.

Select 'equals' as the geometry predicate.


The attribute table of the resulting layer will have a field in it called "YourIDField_count". Where this is greater than 1 is where you have duplicate geometries.

Now select everything in the joined layer where the count is over 1.

Use these to select by location (geom predicate = equals) from the original layer.

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    Glad to hear it! – TeddyTedTed Nov 29 '18 at 9:52

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