Can anyone point me toward an article that converts the LST values on the MODIS LST Image to degrees Celsius?

My purpose is find a reference (article, book or theses) for this formula that converts DN to degree celsius (C=DN*.02-273.15)

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  • thank you so much but this not my aim, my purpose is find refrence (article, book or theses)for this fermola that convert DN to degree celsius(C=DN*.02-273.15) – papoola Nov 29 '18 at 19:31

Your question is a little unclear, but I found this documentation


The Land Surface Temperature data is in degrees Kelvin. You can convert between Kelvin and Celsius through the formula below.

K − 273.15 = degC

EDIT: after review of other questions on the site (once the OP clarified that they are looking for a reference for multiplying LST by 0.2), I found this answer which referred to the MODIS LST User Guide:

How do I convert the LST values on the MODIS LST Image to degree celsius. The documentation referenced is the actual user guide for Modis LST. https://icess.eri.ucsb.edu/modis/LstUsrGuide/usrguide_mod11.html#sds

Per the linked post, Temperature in °C will be: DN * 0.02 - 273.15

Verify which sensor your data is using just in case they have different calibration values and then look for the appropriate user guide.

Per the Modis 11 Level 2 Product user Guide:

The effective calibration formula for the "LST" SDS is LST = the SDS data in uint16 * 0.02, giving a value in the range of 150-1310.7K.

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