This is my script where I am trying to use selectby_attribute within a model, based on a field, F*. There are 6 fields, so I want 6 derived layers. Then I am going to use bearing and distance tool on each of these output layers. I cannot pass query to the model. How do I call a script from my 1st model, then call a model from this script?

import arcpy, sys, string, os

#arcpy.env.workspace = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)
in_FC = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)
#FList = arcpy.GetparameterAsText(1)
#F_list = FList.split(";")
#arcpy.ListFields(in_FC, "Rev_2016_F*")

arcpy.AddMessage("The table %s exists" % (in_FC))
CurrentWorkspace = r"D:\Fort_Belvoir\Conservation\Conservation.gdb"

#in_Table = "D:\Fort_Belvoir\Conservation\Conservation.gdb\QryTab4_CopyRows"

#tbx = arcpy.AddToolbox("C:/Temp/MyToolbox.tbx")
tbx = arcpy.AddToolbox(r"D:\Fort_Belvoir\Conservation\PIF.tbx")
#arcpy.AddMessage("this is toolbox %s" % (tbx))

# Get a list of field objects
num = 0
fields = arcpy.ListFields(in_FC, "Rev_2016_F*", "LONG")

for field in fields:

    # Check the field name, perform a calculation when finding the field 'Flag'
    # Local variables
    anum = str(num)
    thetab = "F" + anum
    #arcpy.SetParameter(1, SR)
    theFld = field.name
    anum = str(num)
    thetab = "F" + anum

    out_FC = r"D:\Fort_Belvoir\Conservation\Conservation.gdb\PIF" + os.sep + thetab

        arcpy.SetParameter(1, theFld)
        arcpy.SetParameter(2, out_FC)
        tbx.Model2_Toolbox(theFld, out_FC)


    num = num + 1

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As @PolyGeo told:

I suggest you look at ImportToolbox rather than AddToolbox. However, I suspect using a single Python Script tool may be simpler than mixing ArcPy and ModelBuilder any more than necessary.

I think it is better not to mix models with arcpy scripts, however I also used to do it. Assuming you have a local toolbox with models and scripts inside. First step is to import toolbox.


And then everything inside toolbox become callable with arcpy. I.e. if you had a model called 'Calculate_distances' with input parameters 'feature_path' and 'out_path' you can type then:

arcpy.Calculate_distances(r'path_to_fc', r'path_out')

Be patient to call the the exactly model/script name, not its alias which is in toolbox.

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