How can I specify this script to capture specifically the error 001566, instead of the current general execution error?

Error 001566:Failed to create raster dataset. The reason could be: The clip feature is outside the raster extent

    arcpy.Clip_management(lyr,rectangle='#',out_raster=out_feature, in_template_dataset = clip_feature, nodata_value="256", clipping_geometry="ClippingGeometry", maintain_clipping_extent="NO_MAINTAIN_EXTENT")
except arcpy.ExecutionError:

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It's always going to raise an ExcecutionError, but one strategy could be to check the error string itself. For example:

except arcpy.ExecutionError as e:
    if 'Error 001566' not in str(e):
        raise  # re-raise the exception if it's not the error we're expecting
    # handle the error here

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