I know that the

<VendorOption name="partials">true</VendorOption> 

SLD directive would fix my issue with labels not rendering in my tiles when I want them to and I would add to my SLD style had I written it in SLD format. But I've developed my style directives with CSS.

There are certainly CSS directives that say they do the same as this VendorOption or that VendorOption.

I cannot find documentation of a CSS version of the "partials" vendor option. Nor any documentation on how to specify an arbitrary "VendorOption" using CSS.

Did I miss it somewhere? Or is this something to consider adding to the CSS spec?


It seems not to be implemented in the CSS parser so if you wanted to you could (or sponsor someone else to) provide a pull request to implement it.

  • Ian Turton, I see you are a geotools developer :-) - any interest in either being sponsored or giving me some guidance - perhaps another vendor option that is supported I can mimic? I've cloned the source but have very limited time I can put into this at the moment, and it was not intuitively obvious after looking at it briefly... – Brian B Dec 10 '18 at 17:55
  • Post a proposal on the user list and people can bid on it. Should be fairly reasonable – Ian Turton Dec 10 '18 at 18:56

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