In QGIS, when a user creates a new single part line in an open editing session for a “Multi-Line” SpatiaLite dataset, the QGIS data type is initially a “LineString”. But, when the user commits the new record to the Multi-Line QGIS data set by pressing the “Save Layer Edits” button, QGIS changes the parsed data type from “LineString” to “MultiLineString”. A similar change from “LineString” to “MultiLineString” occurs when committing a new single part line record to an ESRI Shapefile of type “PolyLine”.

Is the change from “LineString” to “MultiLineString” controlled by QGIS (e.g. try saving as “LineString”, except save as “MultiLineString”), or, is it controlled by relevant data provider? If it is controlled by QGIS, does that imply it will be default logic for any line or multiline dataset?

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    When I am opening old shapefiles that were linestring, QGIS 3.10.3 opens them as Line (MultiLineStringZM). It appears like that is the new way. Even if I export the layer as Linestring it opens it as MultiLineString. I cannot find any other options.
    – Cary H
    Commented Mar 18, 2020 at 17:40


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