As simple as it sounds, WMS layers from Geoserver rendered on client side via Leaflet/Openlayers have their Z-index predefined in the code itself; I was hoping to use an interface of sorts to reorder layers similar to how QGIS/ArcGIS layer ordering works.

Some idea from Leaflet Plugin enter image description here

Is there anyway to have a feature to drag and reorder instead of clicks? I couldn't find any on Openlayers. Please suggest any other alternatives.

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    In OpenLayers you can use the setZIndex() method of layers, or map.getLayers().setAt() method of the layers collection to move a layer in the layer stack. Most third party layer switchers for OpenLayers arrange their menus based only on position in the layers stack. The ol-ext layerswitcher does that. Here's a demo where you can reorder the base layers (not very useful when only one is visible!) by dragging the up/down button or, more useful if you zoom out until pirate map is visible, you can reorder pirate map and geology. – Mike Dec 6 at 13:42
  • @Mike Thank you so much for your answer! This looks promising.I don't understand why Leaflet or Openlayers do not provide this feature as a default in their API's. This is probably the most basic GIS feature there is. – Amruth Kiran Dec 7 at 4:40

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