I would like to label the lower left corner of rectangular shaped polygons in geoserver I have looked the the functions and I am wondering how I would set up variable to perform the calculation for anchor point

Here are the filter functions I was looking at https://docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/filter/function_reference.html

I am thinking I could use the Geometry:boundary function somehow but I cannot figure out how to get the corner geometry. Is this possibleenter image description here

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If you can make sure during preprocessing/querying your data that the lower left corner is always the n-th (e.g. first) point in the geometry data, you could use the pointN function to get this point for labeling.

Not the cleanest solution, but should work...


I think you may need to write a custom function for this, something like this should work (seems mostly right with my test cases):

public class LowerLeftFunction implements Function {
  static FunctionName NAME = new FunctionNameImpl("lowerleft", Polygon.class,
  FunctionNameImpl.parameter("polygon", Polygon.class));


  public <T> T evaluate(Object object, Class<T> context) {
    Expression polyExp = parameters.get(0);
    Polygon poly = polyExp.evaluate(object, Polygon.class);
    LineString ext = poly.getExteriorRing();
    Coordinate ll = new Coordinate(Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY, Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY);
    for (Coordinate c : ext.getCoordinates()) {
      if (c.x <= ll.x && c.y <= ll.y) {
        ll = c;
    Point pt = poly.getFactory().createPoint(ll);
    return Converters.convert(pt, context);

I'll put the whole thing up on github when it has some tests and I get a chance later.

  • Awesome, I tried pointN and endPoint and got mixed results creating a point on a corner and then labeling the point. The nth point is unfortunately in a different location on each polygon due to boundary irregularities. Dec 8, 2018 at 8:47

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