I am trying to append an annotation feature 1 (green)to another annotation feature 2(red). While these features are separate, I have the scale set to 1:4000, and the font size is correct.

However, once I append, or merge the annotations together, the annotation feature 1 suddenly changes in scale and the words appear to increase. When viewing the properties of the merged feature class, the scale still says it is 1:4000.

I have tried appending and merging the features and both have the same result. Is there any why of correcting this issue?enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Assuming both annotation features had 1:4000 scale set in the annotation properties, this sounds like a bug. If all that is going on here is the font size, you can fix the problematic features by using field calculator in the merged file to reset the font sizes. – danak Dec 7 '18 at 22:15

I fixed the issue by using the "Append Annotation Feature Classes" tool under the Data Management -> Feature Class Toolbox.

I then went into the environments and set the output coordinate system to what I wanted.

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