I am working on creating a Attribute Expression that would display HTML with quotes in the field. I tried putting double quotes for the inner quotes, but I keep getting "Parse Error: Unexpected String". Here is how I am writing out the expression which I know works with Python.

"<a href=tel:""PHONE NUMBER"">PHONE NUMBER</a>"

What it should produce:


Does anyone know how to print out quotes within a text field using Attribute Expression?

enter image description here


You could try using single quotes for the entire string with double quotes in the middle:

'<a href="sample text">sample text</a>'
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I ended up using the "TextFormatting.DoubleQuote" function in arcade in order to accomplish this.

var PhoneNumber = "915555555555"

"<a href=tel:" + TextFormatting.DoubleQuote + PhoneNumber + TextFormatting.DoubleQuote + ">" + PhoneNumber + "</a>"

Source: https://developers.arcgis.com/arcade/function-reference/constants/

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