I downloaded the roads of Rome from OSM and save them as a single Shapefile.

To style specific entities from the "highway" column I categorized this column in the layer styling panel.

Now I got all the 28 highway types, each in a different color.

enter image description here

However, I want to change the style for only one entities and to keep all the other in a different style.

To do it manually will take a lot of time, so I am looking for a faster way.

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The solution to this problem lies in the values choosing.

Instead of classify all the values as one I click the plus sign. Now I have all the types of highways in one style.

enter image description here

Now, for example I want to sort out and change the style only for the "path" highways. In the layer styling panel I write the "path" as knew classified value.

enter image description here

Know I am able to change the style of all of the road excerpt from the selected value, and to change the selected value apart form all the other values.

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