Here WeGo has more updated imagery for Cambodia than Google. I would like to add the WeGo image tile to QGIS. I have followed the instructions here and can add the WeGo street layers to my map of Cambodia.

I have followed this link to add satellite imagery. I took the original XML file posted in the link and altered the URL but used the same key as the street layer version of the XML.
Here is a screen grab of how/where I got the app ID and app key.

enter image description here

This resulted in a layer that repeats a tile of southern Spain. I am unaware of how to alter my XML code to get the WeGo image tile to draw for southern Cambodia.

How can I alter the code to get WeGo imagery to draw in QGIS?

<Service name="TMS">

<Cache />


I think there may be an issue with your app_code and app_id.

I was able to add that service as an XYZ Tile in QGIS using my App_id/App_code, but not with yours. Is yours restricted to a domain?

enter image description here

And: enter image description here

If you are adding this as an XYZ Tile, you have to put the z,x,y parameters in place of actual values:




  • Thanks @Jay Cummins! Using the browser panel in QGIS 2.18 I was able to add a new connection using the line above. I can now see the Here map imagery in QGIS.
    – GBG
    Dec 12 '18 at 3:27

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