How can I make it that the font size of the label changes when I zoom in and out? I have a polygon and I want the label get bigger when I zoom in and smaller when I zoom out (just like the polygon does). I tried to use map points but it didn't work.

  • I use the following conversion: If the map scale is 1:20 000, 1pt = 7.056 map units and 1mm = 20 mu if the map scale is 1:50 000, 1pt = 17.64 mu and 1mm = 50 mu At my workplace, these days, we really only use those two map scales. Some of our ArcMap symbology is measured in pt and some in mm which is why I need to convert both.
    – jrickards
    Apr 7, 2020 at 12:03

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Right-click on your layer -> Properties... -> Labels ->

According to your CRS, you can use "Meters at scale" or "Map Units"

enter image description here


Try changing the size unit to Map Units. You might have to make this a very high number depending on the scale of your map, for instance in the project I'm working on at the moment at 1:260000 I have to set fonts to 700 map units to match the original 8pt text.

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