I have been using the Random Trees (RT) algorithm in ArcMap 10.6 for classifying some Landsat raster imagery. I have the training data file which I input into the Train RT Classifier to produce the .ECD (definition) file which I need in order to do the final classifying of the raster.

I can see the resulting .ecd in it's correct location on my external drive in Windows File Explorer and opening in Notepad++ seems to be ok as far as I can tell. However it is not appearing in the exact same location in ArcMap or Catolog even after using refresh (the use of which gets a bit tiring after a while). Have triple-checked location.

What's really annoying is that this is intermittent as I have managed to produce it and get a final classified raster without any apparent difference in how I run through the process, same training file format, same raster, etc. Doing a search shows others have had the problem of no .ecd being produced at all. My problem is that the .ecd is there, but apparently Arc can't see it (at times) so the final classify raster stage crashes.

I have had other recent issues with Arc such as the merge function not working, and doing other strange things so if I don't get any suggestions which work, maybe I need to reinstall the blasted thing? Bit tedious.

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