I have this NetCDF file (about 130 kb size). I want to get for each day (layer) the wind direction (in meteorological or geographical directions) at every cell.


I tried:


u <- brick("uv_comp.nc", varname = "u10")
v <- brick("uv_comp.nc", varname = "v10")

dirs <- atan2(v[[1]], u[[1]]) / (2*3.14159265) + (0.5 * 360) # for the first layer

However, I am not very sure that this method is the correct one. Can anyone confirm, please?


atan2 gives you a direction in radians, so to convert to degrees you wouldn't do:

dirs <- atan2(v[[1]], u[[1]]) / (2*3.14159265) + (0.5 * 360) 

you do:

dirs <- 180 * atan2(v, u) / pi

Note here I'm doing all layers at once, using pi instead of spelling it out, and multiplying by 180 rather than adding 180 (=0.5*360). This gives degrees from -180 to 180, so maybe you added 180 to get 0 to 360, in which case:

dirs = 180 + 180 * atan2(v,u) / pi

will give directions from 0 to 360.

You should check the directions are as expected in case you have got u and v the wrong way round. We've all done it.

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